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Virtual Backflow Refresher Course

  • 30Days


Is your Backflow Certification getting ready to expire. Need to get recertified but afraid that you will not do good on the test, don't worry. In this course, we will go over the basic of backflow that you will need to refresh yourself, so you can pass the test. Not all of the SC Recertification Centers offer a course like this, to get you ready for the test, that's why we have developed the virtual refresher course. With this class, we have a 100% success rate. This does not guarantee that you will pass the test but will give you a higher chance to be successful. You still have to take the written exam and the wet lab practical, however this course will help you study for the test. Once you pick your start date below and join the class, you will have 30 days to complete the class at your pace.




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